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What is the renaissance?

The renaissance is the time period after the middle ages; the time where the church has lost its power and the people started to think of their own abilities. They started to question things they never mentioned before. It is the time of freedom. Many famous paintings were drawn in this time period. This, because after the medieval time period, were only allowed to draw religious paintings, the painters could draw paintings about whatever they wanted!

But detailed it is: the time period from the 14th to 17th century. In the expression ‘renaissance,’ the word reborn is hided. The reason of this is that ‘reason’ was reborn. This is, because the people where no longer under the rule of the church, and started to question things.

The art and science was really strong at this time. Because after hundreds of years not allowed to question things; research whatever you want and draw how you wanted to; the people felt free and could do whatever they wanted, and so they did. In the middle ages you where now allowed to do whatever you wanted to. So the drawings and architectures sometimes show really strong the freedom!! Some of them still had a middle age touch because the change didn’t happened over night; and also not over one year. No, it took a long time to get there where it finally is: now! But there was a huge change in a short amount of time. Not days or weeks, it used months, years and centuries to change.

The renaissance is connected with the modern world by the paintings and the architecture. This, because, many paintings and art works still exist and tell us about this time period. And in some scientist studies, the people from here and the renaissance scientists have had similar ideas.

But the main connection is; that the end of the renaissance is our presence. The people didn’t have had more freedom hundred years ago, now the people can research and do whatever they want, and also their religion is choosen by our own. No one can tell us what to beliefe or not.


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