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If you copy a picture you get the exact same picture again. If you clone an organism you get the exact same organism again. Cloning actually means, making an organism, which is an exact genetic copy of another organism of the same species. These two organisms then have the exact same DNA.

There are also cloned humans, I am sure you know some. They are special but not rare, and also exist in threes. But they are not made in a lab, no, they are made naturally. Do you know any identical twins? Those are cloned humans.

You might have heard from Dolly the sheep, which got cloned. Dolly lives since 1997, but cloning technologies exist longer than Dolly.

How can you clone?

Artificial embryo twinning is the relatively low-tech version of cloning. As the name says, this technology is the natural process of creating identical twins. But it occurs in a Petri dish instead of in the mother’s body. And since all the embryos came from the same zygote, they are genetically identical.

Somatic cell nuclear transfer, (SCNT) produces the same result than artificial embryo twinning but makes it in a different way, to make an exact clone, or a genetic copy, of an individual.

With this alternative, Dolly the sheep was created.

With the same way as cloning, we can also genetically modify the embryos, so that they look how we want them to, without diseases and with no disabilities. Humans can also change food and such things with the genetically modifying.

Cloning can be a god and a bad thing but also dangerous.

A good thing it can be for diseases and allergies, because we could genetically change/modify the children so that they don’t have any diseases in their body. With this way the humanity could expulse any diseases and the pest.

Bad things about cloning are that evil people would misuse cloning/genetically modifying to breed a perfect human race to kill everybody else to extend their power. Hitler for example, if he would live now and would reign Germany, he would breed his perfect human race, the ‘Ariers’, with blond hair, blue eyes, perfect noses and chins, man having wide and strong shoulders, women having nice long legs, and not too big feet, and so on…

They could also say that they are sending food to poor countries in Africa, but in real they are sending them modified food, which has diseases in it. So they could kill them all and easily take Africa under their rule, for example.

My own opinion is that cloning is not a good idea. For some things it is good, but if we could manage it to save every person life, then we would have more and more people on earth and the environment would get more and more polluted, because we can’t control so many people, and someday we would ran out of water and food and then everybody would die. So I think it’s better to not let the population extend but that the humanity exists forever so I know that my grand-grand-grand-….. Children will not die of a human issue of my generation.


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