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Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was born on the 15th February, 1564 in Pisa, and died on the 8th January 1642 in Florence. Galileo was a philosopher and invented many things. In his childhood, Galileo was sent to a Monastery but when he showed interest in joining the Benedictine order, his father sent him to a medicine school in Paris. But after four years he left this school to go to Florence to study Mathematics.

With one of his new constructions, the astronomical telescope, Galileo was the first to notice the special shape of Saturn, and he also identified the Milky Way. He named the previously unknown moons of Jupiter after the Medici, who made him then the most famous scientist in the world. He also found the background of the pendulum out, and how it works.

He was the one who figured out that the earth is surrounding the sun and therefore he realized that the earth is not the center of the universe. But even with his smartness, Galileo made one big error, with thinking that tides are caused by the swing of the earth.


He was like Leonardo da Vinci, kind of a Well-roundedness and also Secularism person. Because he was studying medicine and figured out so many things, Galileo wasn’t in an agreement with the church.

When he told the people that the earth is surrounding the sun and, not the other way round, the church offered him the choice to confirm the opposite or get killed. Even under this threat he still continued to say that the earth is not the center of universe, but in a smart way.

We can’t really connect him with the modern world because today there are many inventors and scientists who are figuring out new stuff and make new inventions. But there are so many of them, and so much new information and bad news from all around the world comes to us every day because we have daily newspapers, we just notice those new inventions once or twice, but forget it the other day because there are so many other things happening somewhere else which is much more interesting than a new invention.

When Galileo was living, the humanity was an ignorant species. We didn’t know many things and thought of a lot of things in a wrong way and looked from the wrong view.  So for Galileo Galilei, it was better to live in the renaissance time than in the modern world.


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