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Sandro Botticelli

He was born on the 1st of March 1445, in Florence and died on May 17th 1510, also in Florence.  He was a painter and friend of the Medicis. Many popular renaissance paintings were drawn by him. For example: the birth of Venus, la Primavera and many different paintings of the Madonna…


He was a secularism person and also a good friend of Lorenzo de’Medici, and worked under the guidance of Filippo Lippi, a Medici artist. That’s why the Medicis made him famous, also because he had to paint for them many paintings, because his art was the most sensible, creative and recognizable in Florence.

Towards the end of his lifetime, Botticelli became more devout than before and thought that leaving his paintings here on the earth, would trouble him on the way  to heaven and therefore he burned some of them.

I can see major difference between him and famous people of our time, because he didn’t want to get immortal, so he burned and destroyed some of his paintings. In the modern world, everyone would do anything to be reminded after death.


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